TITLE: Cookies WRITER: craig cooper
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WENDY: Hello, I'm Wendy. Would you like to support Woodland Scouts by buying some cookies?
MAN: (DISTRACTED) Uh – sure. Sure. Lemme get my wallet.
WENDY: That's a really nice computer you've got there.
MAN: Huh? – Oh, uh, thanks.
WENDY: I see you use Excite dot ca.
MAN: Yeah, yeah I do. Comes in handy. I like it. Okay, gimme one box.
WENDY: That's funny...
MAN: Something wrong?
WENDY: Well, it's just that on your Excite home page I can see your My Stocks window...
MAN: So...?
WENDY: Your Pacific Rim investments are doing well.
MAN: Yeah...
WENDY: As are your commodities...
MAN: (MORE ENGAGED) Well, little bit of business news from Excite and bingo!
WENDY: And you made the right move getting into Linux so early.
MAN: Ho! That's nothing! I just picked up this biotech that's gonna kill!!
WENDY: Really?
MAN: Oh – big bucks, sister!!
WENDY: So I guess you can afford more than just one box of Woodland Scout cookies?
MAN: (THROAT CLEAR) Gimme three dozen.
ANNCR: With so much information, Excite dot ca could be the only Internet destination you'll ever need.
MAN: So which one is your business badge?
WENDY: The one with the shark on it.
MAN: Yeah...
ANNCR: Excite dot ca. What will you do?

- fin -